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Japanese sake

We prepare the local sake in Kanagawa prefecture ranges from 12 different types of Junmai sake (sake made without added alcohol or sugar) to Junmai ginjoshu , 12 different types of nationwide special branded sake, 24 types of sake compatible to the cuisine accroding to the preference of our customers. For more details please refer to the Japanese sake menu.


The mariage between our dishes were calculated as France, Italy , Slovenia, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and other varieties from Japan, and we have many offers of an extensive selection of wine through terroir types which is carefully selected for each type . For more details , please refer to this wine list.


We offer 'Master's Dream,' the greatest national beer and 2 types of beer of Japan's newly standard 'The Premium Matlz.'


We offer a general selection of premium shochu such as potatoe, wheat, and rice known as 'Mori Izo,' 'Murao,' 'Devil,' 'One Hundred Years of Solitude.'


Beginning with Scotland and Japan, we offer whiskey from all parts of the world and an abundant variety of liquor. For details, please refer to the drink menu.