At RYO universal, it is obvious that thanks to the Kuroshio Current we are blessed with a huge variety of fresh seafood. The Soshu cattle are healthy and carefully breed in Minamiashigara city, which is close to the splendid nature, cool and clear water in the Hakone forest. Hakone Shamo chickens are exposed to the fresh air on the pasture, thanks to it their meat is elastic and delicious. We carefully select “good things of the land” and natural sensation of the ingredients. We also thoroughly make the best use of the natural flavors in our cuisine which we create.

In order to achieve the natural sensation of the land, we change the main menu according to the season without any announcement in advance.

※The ingredients are focused on the Odawara region and depending on the ingredient, we buy in some of the best ingredients domestically during that specfic season and on that very day and also depending on the arrival of goods, occasional changes in the menu without notice may be made.

Sample menu

※Other than the dishes presented above, we prepare a variety of other menus.

※Presented price does not include the consumption tax, which we will charge separately.