At RYO universal, it is needless to say that we pursue an abundant and variety of seafood is blessed by the Kuroshio current and are freshly in stock. Soshu cattle is healthily and carefully bred in Minamiashigara City, which is adjacent to splendid nature, the cool and clear water in the Hakone forest, Hakone Shamo chicken exposed to air from pasture and rich in elasticity and tastefulness, we carefully select "the good things of the land" and a natural sensation of the ingredients as well as thoroughly making use of the natural flavor in our cuisine that we create.

In order to reflect the natural sensation of the land, we renew the grand menu according to the season.

※The ingredients are focused on the Odawara region and depending on the ingredient, we buy in some of the best ingredients domestically during that specfic season and on that very day and also depending on the arrival of goods, occasional changes in the menu without notice may be made.

Food Examples

※Other than the foods above, we prepare a variety of other menus.

※The amount of money shown is the base price. We will seperately charge the consumption tax.